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LENOVO Smart Paper 10.3″ eReader

64 GB, Storm Grey


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Fancy an e-reader and a notepad in one? The 10.3″ e-ink display on the Lenovo Smart Paper e-Reader is amazing for taking notes, reading, or sketching. It comes with the Lenovo Smart Pen, so you’re all set right out of the box. There are 75 different templates for your note taking and it can even convert your handwriting to digital text, so you can easily work with your notes. And your eyes won’t get tired easily. The display’s got adaptive brightness with 24 levels, always adjusting itself to the perfect setting based on your surroundings.

Good to know

– The magnetic pen snaps onto your e-reader, so you won’t have to worry about losing it – you don’t have to charge it either
– Need a break? Just turn on audio recording and it’ll automatically convert lectures or interviews to text
– The battery lasts for weeks, so you can enjoy your holiday without lugging around a charger
– Pair it with your headphones, turn on the immersive reading mode and enjoy relaxing ambient music while reading
– With 64 GB of storage you can keep thousands of books in your bag

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